Chris Hemsworth set to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic

Chris Hemsworth has been cast in a new Netflix film directed by Todd Phillips. The film will be written by John Pollono and Scott Silver. Silver currently has teamed up with Warner Bros to work on the upcoming film The Joker. Bradley Cooper and Eric Bischoff will produce the film. Continue reading “Chris Hemsworth set to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic”


Bachelor Colton Underwood Blindsides Former Miss Alabama

By Amber Penley

On Mondays nights episode of the Bachelor, Colton brought Hannah B., former Miss Alabama, on a one-on-one date to meet his family. A date that every contestant on the shows dreams of. Bonding with the Bachelors family is a surefire way to make their way into his heart, and earn the rose that will keep them secure on the show for another week. Unfortunately for Hannah B., it was this one-on-one when Colton decided to break things off with this former pageant girl.

When Hannah B. entered Colton’s family home, she was greeted with open arms and immediately clicked with the Bachelor’s family. She even opened up to his mother stating “Yes, I am completely in love with him.”. His mom questioned Hannah on Colton’s feelings for her, and Hannah laughed saying she hoped he was feeling the same way. Little did she know this would be her last day with Colton.

Throughout this season of the Bachelor Colton has asked all of the ladies to be as open with him as possible. Hannah B. took this to heart and told Colton on the previous episode of the Bachelor that she was deeply in love with him. Colton was delighted she was so open with him and Hannah B. received the group date rose that evening.

Colton was so happy that Hannah was in love with him, that he missed one thing. After talking to his family about Hannah B., Colton realized, although Hannah B. opened up to him, he forgot to be open with himself. Colton realized he had not looked himself in the mirror and asked if he reciprocated these feelings. He unfortunately did not.

After meeting Colton’s family, that evening Colton and Hannah had a dinner date where Colton opened up to Hannah that he did not feel as deeply for her as she felt for him. Hannah, shocked and in tears, accepted this, and Colton walked her out to the van that brought her back home to Alabama.

Trailer to Ugly Dolls Movie

Set to be released May 3rd 2019 in the Town of Uglyville, weird and strange dolls are embraced as more than meets the eye. The main character Moxy and her friends Discover the town of perfection where dolls recieve training before entering the real world. Through this experience the ugly dolls learn the meaning of being different and discover that they do not need to be perfect.

Trailer for New Series of Temptation Island on USA Network

By Amber Penley

As the above trailer shows, Temptation Island is a reality series where couples put their love to a test and determine whether they should be together or not. Couples live together in the same house as hot singles. This trailer portrays the cat fights, heartbreak, and clarity these couples discover about their relationships that comes from being put to a test of loyalty, on this new season of Temptation Island.